Can I use Pop Up Archive for one-time use?

For one-time use, you can sign up for a plan and downgrade to the free plan before the end of the calendar month at no extra charge. Make sure you select a plan with enough space — for example, if you have two hours of audio, you should choose the five hour plan.

At the end of your first month, we charge a prorated amount based on your usage and the plan rate. For example, if you sign up for the 10 hour plan ($12/hr rate) and use 8 hours, you will be charged for $96 at the end of the calendar month.

Once you've downgraded to the free 1 Hour Demo, you'll keep access to Pop Up transcripts and editing tools for all previously processed audio even from the free plan. You can upgrade again for more room at any time.

If you have more than 25 hours of audio to process at one time, you qualify for a custom Pop Up Archive plan. Contact us for a quote for your audio.

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