How do I assign and/or add speakers?

1. Click the Speaker ID in the text. A small window will pop up that will allow you to pick an existing speaker, or add a new one:


2. If making a new speaker, click "Add new" and type in a name. If assigning an existing speaker, select their name from the dropdown menu:

3. Speaker IDs (e.g. S13, S11, etc.) will automatically be assigned accordingly.

Please note that currently there is no way to insert new speaker breaks in the text. If you need to insert a speaker break, we suggest simply typing [SPEAKER] or [SPEAKER NAME] directly into the transcript when there is a speaker change that Pop Up Archive hasn't detected. That way, when you export the transcript, you have a visual reminder to edit the speaker information in the final output.

To learn more about the speaker assignment flow, schedule a demo with our support team at

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