What does my Status mean?

Uploading: Your audio file is in the process of being uploaded to our servers.

Transcoding: Your audio file is in the process of being converted to ogg and mp3 formats. If your audio is stuck on this status, then make sure that your audio is one of our accepted formats (aac aif aiff alac flac m4a m4p mp2 mp3 mp4 ogg raw spx wav wma).

Processing: Processing prior to transcribing shouldn't last longer than several minutes. If our software can't automatically push your audio through, you may have to re-upload. Read about the common culprits for stuck uploads. If you're on a deadline, email us to check on your file for you at edison@popuparchive.com.

Working: Your audio file is being prepared for transcription.

Transcribing: This means that our software is in the process of transcribing your audio. Check back shortly until you see one the next statuses, depending on your plan...

Transcript complete: The file's complete automatic transcript has finished processing, and is viewable by clicking on the Item link to the immediate left of the status.

Still confused by your audio's processing status? Shoot us an email at edison@popuparchive.com. Also see related FAQs:

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