How can I optimize my audio upload?

There are different reasons why your audio might be slow to upload. If your audio uploads are consistently slow or failing:

  • Make sure you're uploading from a strong Internet connection
  • Close other tabs open in your browser(s)
  • Keep the Pop Up Archive window open until the upload progress bar is complete
  • If uploading a lossless file format (e.g. wav), for faster upload speeds, try converting your audio to a smaller format, like mp3.
  • Try uploading from a different browser. Pop Up Archive is optimized for Google Chrome.

Uploading large file formats can also be done more easily by uploading through public urls on Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. See "Insert Url" field in the upload form screenshot below:

Note: If you're concerned something went wrong, ask us to check on it for you at


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