What's the difference between public and private storage?

Public Storage

Media in public collections is visible to anyone on the web. Anyone can see or hear audio in public collections through Pop Up Archive’s website, which is indexed by Google like any other public website. Currently, no one can download material directly from the Pop Up Archive website unless they are an owner of the material. 

You can choose to store public collections either on Amazon S3 servers maintained by Pop Up Archive, or on servers at the Internet Archive.

Private Storage

A private collection can be seen and heard only by the person who created it. Media in private collections is stored on private Amazon S3 servers maintained by Pop Up Archive. Private team collections can only be seen and heard by team members who have been granted access by the team administrator. 

Note: If you are on an organization, and wondering why your "private" collection is visible to other team members, read about privacy for organization plans.

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